Here at Mezzanine Studio, we design houses, apartments, offices, weekend houses, villas, residential complexes, industrial spaces, commercial properties, hospitality spaces with personality


Just like a fingerprint, we believe that every space is unique, i.e., that it has its own identity and even its own personality, which makes up the basis of every project we work on at MEZZANINE studio.

Having realized over 50 projects successfully, we learned that every individual has a specific lifestyle and routines that affect their mood and emotional state. This is why we reverted the process—we don’t expect you to adapt to the new space, but vice versa—we adapt the space to resonate with your habits and fit your way of living.

Another concept we follow closely is personality. While we are open to providing you with countless suggestions, we allow the owner’s personality to shine through in the spaces we design. Be it modernist, traditional, bright, or eerie, MEZZANINE studio tries to reflect and celebrate it in the design.


To MEZZANINE studio, architecture is much more than building structures: it is unlocking their full potential. To that end, we tailor and oversee every stage of the project, from programming to design and construction.
Interior Design
Beyond aesthetically pleasing, we aim to design environments that are enjoyable to live and work in. We achieve this through well-thought-out interiors, including comfortable furniture, carefully hand-picked color scheme, mood lighting, and stylish decor.
3D Visualization

3D visualizations let us give you a virtual tour of your project. We use different software tools, such as AutoCAD, SketchUp, 3Ds Max, Corona Renderer, Vray, and Adobe Photoshop to provide photorealistic 3D rendering and modeling services.

Your dream place cannot be bought off-the-shelf. MEZZANINE studio is here to help you co-create it, all within your dedicated budget and schedule. We work with existing structures that you need to optimize or envision entirely new building structures.

Our Process

Our process goes through several seamless steps to ensure its successful realization. In the initial project stage, we tend to define your expectations and the ways to achieve them. We discuss how your day looks like, what puts you in a good mood or otherwise, what motivates you, what your routines and needs are, etc., to make a general impression of the direction we’ll be moving forward.

Based on this intel you provide us with, we jointly define the color pallets, the materials, the shapes, or put simply, the style that will make up the basis of the project. This is the point we move from “investigation” to actual “creation.”

Our team engages their creative and analytical side in crafting thoughtfully even the smallest detail of your exterior or interior design project. The result is a realistic architectural visualization where every attribute is showcased to make you feel as if you’re already there. Our engagement doesn’t stop here; we follow all the way through to the project realization, providing support as you go along.

We at MEZZANINE studio work on different types of projects across the globe, collaborating with commercial and residential clients alike, so feel free to reach out and describe your specific needs.

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