HKR Apartment

Skopje, 2023

This Skopje-based apartment has undergone a complete style revamp to represent the epitome of contemporary living, catering to the requests of a discerning designer.

A central element of the design is space maximization, achieved through large mirrors in the hall that reflect the natural light that floods through the windows in the open living room, creating an airy atmosphere. We also added wooden vertical panels opposite the mirrors to create the illusion of a separate kitchen. Complemented with ample storage and plenty of counter space, the kitchen meets the client’s needs for frequent preparation of gourmet meals.

The master bedroom is a sanctuary for comfort and relaxation after a long day, whereas the second bedroom is versatile and could serve as a home office, a personal yoga studio, and a guest room.

This project resulted in a stylish and sophisticated living space that reflects the resident’s lifestyle by combining chic and warm elements.

Area: 76m2

Location: Skopje, Macedonia

Project Year: 2022 

Construction Year: 2023 (finished)